Frequently Asked “Home Staging” Questions

Posted Monday, March 2nd, 2009
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What is “Home Staging”?

Staging is the art of Showcasing your home for sale, by decluttering, depersonalizing and neutralizing your home with on-trend elements, which will appeal to a wider variety of buyers. Staged homes spend half the time on the market and sellers get an average of 6-10% more on the asking price!  Also, a home that has been staged stays on the minds of potential buyers after viewing several homes in a row!

Are “Home Staging” costs tax deductible?

Yes, in most states. Check with your accountant.

My home is vacant, can you help?

Yes! It is paramount for you to have your home staged!

Only 10% of the population can actually see past an empty room to see the potential for the space. Vacant homes feel cold and echoey, but props add perspective and visual depth that helps the buyer imagine their own furnishings in the home. Home Stagers will use just enough props and accessories to create a superb marketing presentation without overdoing it to make a room seem small and crowded. Props also help buyers to keep your property in mind, after viewing several houses in a row.

How much will it cost to “Stage” my home?

Home staging can cost as little as $150.00 and can go up depending upon the homes square footage and number of rooms. If furniture is needed, the rental cost will vary.

I am a realtor, do you offer price breaks for on-going business?

Yes, a “Stager” is a very powerful selling tool, for you to have in your back pocket!  I offer all my realtors a volume discount.  Please contact me for further information on how we can work together!

What can I expect during a Staging Consultation?

  • A room-by-room walk-through assessment including a detailed report.
  • “Staging” tricks and tips!
  • Furniture arrangements that are proper for “Staging”
  • Recommendations to correct wrong wall color issues
  • Exterior recommendations – how’s your curb appeal?
  • A “Staging” proposal, that may include: art, greenery, furniture rentals (if you choose to have me “stage” your home for you)

My ultimate goal as a “Stager” is to elevate the appearance of your home by, de-personalizing, de-cluttering and making your space buyer-neutral to appeal to a wider variety of buyers!

A staged homes sells twice as fast and sellers get an average of 6-10% more on the asking price!

Call: 616.430.0483 or email me: thedecorator@charter.net to set up a Consultation!

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