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Posted Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
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Wendy StephensI guess you could say all this passion about changing spaces  really started years ago.  Like a lot of little girls I played with Barbies  but the real thrill for me was decorating their homes! I loved to make small rugs and bedding, or create a small TV stand out of a small taped cardboard box. If I couldn’t create the elements myself, I would clip pictures of design elements out of JCPenney catalogs and paste them to the walls in each room. I remember sometimes feeling too limited by some of the furnishings offered and felt a real desire to create better designs for our world with new, colorful ideas.

Fast forward several years later, this passion turned into a fabulous career, where I have helped to improve the spaces of many clients.

So for me, whether it is “Staging” a home for sale, creating warm, personalized spaces for my residential clients or giving a business, a complete makeover, it is always a terrific adventure to experience each new friendship and project.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing my clients are enjoying more relaxing and improved spaces and this all brings to my life, a great sense of satisfaction!

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