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Posted Monday, March 2nd, 2009
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Make your properties “Must See” properties!

A house for sale will draw most of its potential buyers during the first 10 days on the market. The internet and decorating shows have taught buyers to look for near-perfection when shopping for a home. This is why staging is a very powerful marketing tool in the hands of sellers! A “Staged” home spends half the time on the market and sellers get an average of 6-%10 more on the asking price. It is a sophisticated approach to showcasing rooms to their fullest potential by depersonalizing and creating a neutral space, which makes a stunning first impression and can capture the interest of many buyers. It can also minimize property flaws, which can chip away at the selling price.

Remember, people don’t buy houses – they buy homes. “Staging” helps your potential buyers to make an emotional connection with your home that will stay on their minds after viewing several homes in a row!

I provide your clients with a detailed report of recommendations after a room-by-room assessment. The exterior is addressed as well. I also correct wrong wall color issues and recommend the best furniture arrangement for each room, to free up floor space and add flow. I work with the clients neutral items to stage each space. Many times if the client lacks the appropriate on-trend, neutral elements (Art, greenery, furniture) they can simply rent them from my stock, for a small monthly fee, until the home sells. Each home is custom and has different needs and I always work to address these needs within the clients budget. “Staging” your home for sale, is surprisingly affordable and is a small investment for a big impact!

Are your clients “Staged”?

Many realtors from Greenridge, Five Star Realty, Real Estate One, Remax, Keystone and JH Realty that work with me are already experiencing better buyer attraction – and faster sales on their listings.

Contact me if you have a fresh listing or have homes that you are having trouble moving. I would love to help you! I offer discounts to realtors, as many include a complimentary “Staging” consultation to their clients!

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